About Our Savior's

Our Savior’s Lutheran Church is a member of the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America (ELCA) with a rich history of over 125 years.

The Community of Our Savior's Lutheran strives to teach the Gospel, serve Great Falls and the wider world and live the grace of Jesus Christ.

These endeavors take place in many and varied ways, both inside and outside the walls of Our Savior’s. You are invited to browse this website for more information. Please especially note the newsletter, the events of the week, and the calendar for information. You are welcome at all events!

Our church is currently in a state of transition. We have a Call Committee who will be selecting our next Pastor. There is currently no Pastor in the office but we will keep you informed when a new one joins the Our Savior's Family. In the meantime we have Visitation Ministers who will be happy to assist you and supply Pastors who will lead services on Sunday (listed below).

Our Supply Pastors for Sunday Services:

Sept 25-Steve Nelson

Oct 2-Jessica Crist

Oct 9- Sara Beanon

Oct 16- David Scholten

Oct 23-Steve Nelson

Oct 30- Steve VanGilder

Nov 6- TBD

Nov 13- SaraBeranon

October, November, December - 2nd Sunday will be Chaplain Sara MacGilvra Branom

Our Savior's Lutheran Church STAFF:

Worship and Music Director, Ellen Forslund: wmdirectoroslcgf@gmail.com

Accompanist, Madeleine Folkerts: accompanistoslcgf@gmail.com

Parish Administrator, Annelaura Fenner: officeoslcgf@gmail.com

Custodian, Terry Lee: custodianoslcgf@gmail.com

Our Savior's Lutheran Church COUNCIL:

Taking time for a picture and a warm hello following a monthly meeting, while also practicing social distancing.

Note: two folks are missing from the picture. 

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